Este acogedor B&B Boutique Hotel Spa en Cuernavaca es la escapada romántica perfecta de la Ciudad de México, ¡Pero POR FAVOR no se lo digas a nadie!

My husband and I are expats who immediately fell in love with the furious heartbeat that is Mexico City. Since we’ve been here we’ve worked, danced, turned strangers into friends, ate, drank, explored, shopped and soaked up every scrap of art and culture we could. But, the thing about this city is just when you think you’re getting to know her, she just opens her arms that much wider. And as much as we wanted to hop out of bed and tackle-hug her, we were completely knackered. We needed to getaway and I knew just who to ask, our neighbor Jay, who had a spectacular mustache and an encyclopedic knowledge of the best spots in and around the city.
Jay knew of the perfect place but he seemed reluctant to share. After some coaxing, I learned about this secret spot just outside the city in Cuernavaca: Las Casas B+B Boutique Hotel. As he described this little oasis, I noticed his eyes were smiling. Booked. Packed. Bam.

Before I knew it, we were just outside our hotel in the heart of Cuernavaca’s downtown historic district. We took a few steps inside, stopped and smiled. The plush greenery perfectly accented the clean white lines of these early 1900 colonial homes that were beautifully converted into eleven rooms. It was modern yet nostalgic and as laid back as it was luxurious...just our vibe. Now let me talk about the staff, every single person we passed or had the pleasure of meeting treated us like family. You hear this a lot, but I really mean it; this kind of genuine warmth cannot be taught or rehearsed. We really felt at home before we even got to our room, which was immaculate, understated and inviting. We loved the sleek hues of muted black, gray and white...just our style.

Our relaxation regime went like this: magical massages followed by poolside Mojitos and some ridiculously good Ceviche and Truffle Fries. An unexpected nap somehow worked its way in, too. For those who struggle with nodding off during the day like us, let me tell you that the celebrity massage followed by a signature cocktail (or two) is a guaranteed ticket to Napville. And that ultra-plush mattress definitely helped!

We kind of floated downstairs for dinner and found that the place had undergone a magical transformation. The rustic, cozy garden was now flickering with countless candles and lights and they had somehow managed to rope the moon so it hovered just over the pool. I’m not a sap but it was undeniably romantic and yet another unexpected delight. Dinner was a beautiful fusion of flavors that had us sharing and tasting everything. Extra shout out to those pork ribs in plumb sauce!  

As the moon waxed, the crowd grew livelier and place transformed yet again when the DJ began spinning tunes. We chose a cozy couch near the pool for one last nightcap, a Carajillo. Perfection.

The next morning we rushed down for breakfast like teenagers and devoured the House’s Chilaquiles, which were so good I really considered licking
the plate. Relaxed and rejuvenated, we replayed this most perfect getaway and I couldn’t help but notice that my husband’s eyes were smiling. I suddenly felt protective of this place, like Jay, for fear that sharing it with the world would somehow ruin its perfection. So please don’t go shouting from the rooftops because I promise once you experience this wonderful Boutique Hotel, you’ll want to keep it a secret, too.
Text By Allison Mason