Benny Ibarra presenta Caminemos Tour en Centro Cultural Teopanzolco A solo 5 minutos de Las Casas B+B Boutique Hotel Spa & Restaurante en Cuernavaca.

Caminermos Tour by Benny Ibarra at the Teopanzolco Cultural Center 5 minutes from Las Casas B+B Boutique Hotel in Cuernavaca, Morelos.
After almost eight without appearing alone, Benny Ibarra is ready to reconnect with his audience in Cuernavaca, thanks to having one of the most emotional repertoires of Mexican pop-rock.
Of his eight solo albums, the songs Cielo, Mía, Sin ti, Tonto Corazón, Rains luz y Siento , lead the setlist of the Caminemos Tour, which will also review songs from his stages with SBE (Sasha, Benny and Erick) and Timbiriche 35. With this new tour, the singer will celebrate his 37-year career.

A show full of energy and melody of one of the most complete and beloved artists in Mexico.

Don't miss it!
A romantic evening, full of music and memories await you this Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 7 PM at the Teopanzolco Cultural Center.