3 Razones Porqué La Cena Es Mejor en House Restaurante. Un Lugar Para Cenas de 10 con Ambiente Mágico Para Salir a Cenar en Cuernavaca Centro!

We all love to destress at night, that's why we look for places to go out for dinner during the week because, quite simply, it’s a great way to disconnect and catch up with your partner or best friends. However, as you know, not all restaurants in Cuernavaca are created the same! Here at HOUSE Restaurant “The Most Romantic Spot in Downtown Cuernavaca” you will find a relaxed atmosphere with warm and on-point service. Perfect for enjoying an incredible evening with romantic dinner for two. Delicious Mediterranean and Mexican dishes, incomparable mixology and a rustic-modern atmosphere to kick back while enjoying a glass of wine. Actually - and this is not a brag - we honestly believe that we are the best option for dinner in Cuernavaca and here we tell you just 3 reasons why:

1. La Comida

“Delicious!” “Excellent!“ “Exquisite!” “We Love It!” Are just some of the compliments that our customers throw at us on TripAdvisor. Chef Ana Karina and her team like to cook and they show it on every dish; In a city full of restaurants with traditional cuisine, HOUSE is a refreshing corner of contemporary food that goes beyond a typical Italian or Mexican restaurant in Cuernavaca. A welcome break to the routine.
If we are going to talk about California, we have to talk about Italian pastas and crunchy thin-crust pizzas brought to uber-fame in the city of Los Angeles by chef Nancy Silverton of Mozza fame, who we take inspiration from to create these Italian “delicatezze.”

If you’re craving a li’l something: The Gorditas de Platano Macho with goat cheese and pepper sauce will do the trick. 
In Mediterranean mood? A taste of our Hummus with peppers and cherry tomatoes in paprika oil, Feta cheese and ground Ancho Chile will have you say goodbye to your favorite hummuseria.
For taco fans looking for next level : Our Rib Eye Steak Tacos with port salut, mozzarella and blue cheese with balsamic reduction or the Shrimp Tacos with Sriracha- mayo dip will make you return for more the very next day.

Glazed Pork Ribs with plum and pomegranate or our incredible Rosemary Chicken with white wine, butter and herbs are two of our star dishes for dinner time.

2. La Atmósfera

Love at first sight! In a space Inspired in California with a beautiful patio, terrace and garden it will have you want to go out to dinner here every night, one of the best restaurants in Downtown Cuernavaca.
At HOUSE the design calms our customers. It's a beautiful outdoor restaurant, modern, rustic casual with, mirrors everywhere, hundreds of candles, lively music, projections of the best fashion shows of the season on umbrellas and walls, also a pool that shines under the stars as main focal point. You can book a romantic dinner here to surprise your beau, or just visit us for dinner with friends and family or just a glass of wine with your best friends regardless whether it's a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. It's super comfy, cozy and perfect for tuning out!

3. El Servicio

We know that finding restaurants in Cuernavaca for dinner with good service can be a bit of a hit or miss. At House our staff strives to give you an unforgettable experience. Dinners during the evening here are favored by locals and tourist alike. We love seeing you happy, perhaps with your special someone, enjoying life and - most importantly, the food!
Our Team: They are knowledgeable about of the food and wine they serve. They are not afraid to approach the table to take your order or perhaps suggest menu dishes. They will ask if the temperature of your wine is good and if you would prefer your white wine on the table or on ice. They give you the same treatment when taking your order as they do the table next to you. In short, they make you feel welcome & That's what our warm and personalized service is all about. You will feel like a regular from your first visit!

If you are looking where to eat or dine in Cuernavaca, look no further. An evening of California-Inspired perfection is awaiting you here at House!