Welcome Home!

Our goal is that as soon as you come in, you feel like you’ve arrived to your own COUNTRY HOME. We are a lively bed & breakfast boutique hotel in Cuernavaca Mexico, looking for a balance between LAZY DAYS (sun tanning by the pool) and UPBEAT NIGHTS in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. We CELEBRATE the diversity of people, their ideas and their cultures.


Las Casas B+B, the best Bed & Breakfast boutique hotel, restaurant & spa in Cuernavaca!

The Hotel Las Casas B+B gracefully captures the spirit of Cuernavaca’s golden era in the 70’s when relaxing was an art form.  A time when hours melted away without a care - when having fun was the only thing on the agenda and you wanted for nothing.  Yeah, it’s that good. You might just feel like you’re in a Slim Aarons photograph. 

You’ll find the entrance to The Hotel Las Casas B + B, an 11 room hotel + restaurant steps from the iconic Palace of Hernan Cortes and the Cathedral de la Asuncion de Maria. Upon entering the little black door of this boutique hotel in Cuernavaca, you’re transported by the tranquilizing, cloud colored, Spanish-California architecture and lush greenery; an understated elegance that lets you breathe easy and take in details.   

Inspired by the laid back California lifestyle, Mexican nostalgia and a love of modern-industrial-minimalistic design, The Hotel Las Casas B+B in Cuernavaca, Mexico, is a beautiful blend of the past and present reflected with simplicity and style. With an abundance of white walls, clean lines, muted grays and blacks, the eyes rest easy in cozy luxury.   Once inside, the mind begins to relax and the body soon follows suit with a pampering massage or celebrity facial in The White Spa.  Poolside, in the private garden, a state of complete relaxation is achieved with a signature cocktail in hand.

Think it can’t get any better?  Just wait until the sun goes down. 

Simply stated, a meal at HOUSE is not to be missed.  Known for its ambience and a California inspired menu that infuses Mediterranean and Mexican gastronomy like no other.  The chef, Ana Karina Rodriguez, is an alchemist of flavors and creating unique, delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and Sunday brunch. 

As you check out from Las Casas B+B Hotel, most definitely, the best Bed & Breakfast boutique hotel, restaurant & spa in Cuernavaca, you realize that you don’t feel like you’ve been in a hotel at all – but at home.  Credit goes to the friendly and diligent staff that just seemed to know exactly what you needed before you even did!  

Text By Alison Mason for Architectural Digest MX.


To create BEAUTIFUL and MEMORABLE experiences for all of our guests.