Es Hora de Comer en House Restaurante en Cuernavaca. Los Mejores Platillos Están en Nuestro Especial Del Día. Un Menú Ejecutivo Con un Giro Gourmet!

Nobody likes to eat the same thing every day the typical tacos, pizza or hamburger, or having to eat at the desk with the sacred tupper. But how to eat something that is different, rich, filling, that is close and that enters the budget?

We have your answers here!
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The Special of the Day at House Restaurant is an executive menu with gourmet twist that we serve during the week and you will fall like a ring to your finger!
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Something different. - The House Special of the Day is inspired by Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine, changes every day and offers you different proposals;
Mondays are Pasta, Tuesdays are “Taco Tuesday”, Mediterranean Wednesday, Fish Thursday and Mexican Comfort Food Fridays with our favorite homemade stews.

Eye! The menu of the day is posted every day at 11:30 in the morning on our Twitter account and in our Facebook Stories. Give us follow to receive the Special of the Day every morning.

Something Rich.- Our Special of the Day is designed by our chef Ana Karina Rodriguez and her amazing cooking team! If you are a fan of good Mexican, Italian and Mediterranean food, take advantage and enjoy something delicious in your break time!
That is Filler .- Food well made 3 times, entry, main course and dessert. You will not be hungry!
Stay Close.- We are a few steps from the Palace of Cortez in the Heart of the Historic Center. If you work in the center you are very close.
That goes into Budget.- Without spending much, for only $ 155 you will be a full and happy godin eating something different from the basic food run! We love serving you quality ingredients at House Restaurant to eat rich for less with packages for less than $ 200!

There is no doubt that to eat rich and different in a relaxed and casual environment without spending too much the place is HOUSE. Our Special of the Day is served Monday through Friday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm and do not forget to follow us on twitter to receive the menu every morning.

We will wait for you!

* Does not apply for sale for groups