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¡Desayuno Completo y Saludable! El Mejor Desayuno Con Las Amigas Esta en HOUSE Restaurante!

Every morning you will find here at House delicious and wide options of healthy Mexican and Mediterranean breakfast inspired by California as well as special breakfast packages.
Start your good morning with our bar of fresh juices and smoothies; Green Juice with pineapple, prickly pear, juice or orange and celery juice is super popular as well as our Very Berry smoothie with blackberries, strawberries, bananas and honey.
For those looking to have a long and relaxed breakfast the refill coffee service is a good option as well as our wide selection of natural and imported teas.
We are a restaurant with a romantic setting - cozy & cozy, with a lot of charm to have a delicious breakfast and perfect to enjoy a 'date' early in the morning with sparkling cappuccino coffees, lates or French press with Illy Italian coffee that our baristas love to prepare; Accompany it with a slice of roasted rustic bread with homemade jams and butters that will surely make you both smile!

House is a very nice restaurant in the historic center of Cuernavaca to have a great first meal of the day. Our Mexican and Mediterranean breakfasts here, frankly, are Glory!

To start, fresh seasonal fruit salad options with yogurt, oatmeal and granola.

Among our clients' favorite main dishes you will find: our Omelettes of pesto stuffed with mozzarella cheese and mushrooms; our legendary Chilaquiles House with guacamole and male plantain; the classic classic Omelette of ham and gouda cheese; and of course, the unmissable French Bread with brioche bread, strawberries and bananas.

For unique dishes in Cuernavaca we recommend our incomparable Croque Madame au gratin with gouda cheese, ham and bacon as well as the hyper delicious Benedictine eggs with Dutch Chipotle sauce; It's all you need to start your day well!

If you are looking for something more familiar, you cannot go wrong ordering a Cecina de Yecapixtla, Huevos a la Mexicana, Huevos Rancheros or the popular chicken enchiladas in creamy tomato sauce with smoked chipotle chili , fresh cheese, onion, radishes and ranch cream accompanied by beans blacks
Breakfast package specials include main course, infinite refill coffee and fresh orange juice or seasonal fruit salad.
Do not think twice and make a stop for breakfast in one of the most beautiful and exquisite breakfast spots & restaurants in Cuernavaca with Mexican and Mediterranean Restaurant Menu.


Brunch? Yes Please!

The Best Brunch Spot in Cuernavaca to meet friends & family!

Every Sunday relax with an elevated Brunch here at HOUSE Restaurant: beautiful and outdoors. The most exquisite way to start your Sunday!
Enjoy a casual and refined menu, with California twists. Favorite dishes of classic Brunch in a family-style atmosphere.

At House we love Brunch and here our recommendations:

To start, Wellness Beverages:
  • Golden Latte with Almond Milk, Turmeric, Ginger, Agave Honey, Black Pepper & Cinnamon.
  • LA SHAKE with Almond Milk, Banana, & Peanut Butter.
  • REVIVE 10 / GREEN JUICE with Kale, Mint, Ginger, Celery, Turmeric
For something energetic and fresh:
  • SMOOTHIE BOWL with Yogurt, Bananas, Blackberry, Blueberries, Granola, Nuts And Coconut
Main ones we only serve on Sundays during the Brunch (Foodie Alert !!):
  • “SHAKSHUKA” SLICES EGGS Fried Eggs, Gouda Cheese, Black Beans, Martajada Sauce, Sausage And Fried Tortillas
  • FRIED EGGS "BORICUAS" With Moors & Christians, Banana Macho Maduro, Salchichón, Chorizo, Pepper And Rustic Bread
Shhhh! (Secret Only For You):
Our sweet bread on Sundays comes from 2 of the best bakeries in CMDX Da Silva and Rosetta Bakery and usually ends early.
For those who like cozy Sundays and comfort food:
  • HOT CAKES WITH BLACKBERRIES Homemade Dough With Yogurt, Cottage Cheese And Yellow Lemon + Maple Honey. Accompany them with a glass of cold milk!
  • WAFFLES "BACON & EGGS" With Fried Eggs, Bacon And Maple Honey.
The Must-Try!:
  • SALMON BAGEL Cream Cheese, Goat Cheese, Capers, Cucumber, Tomato, Purple Onion, Mustard Sprouts, Tzatziki And Pepper.
  • Avocado Toast

  • BREAKFAST BURGER (English Muffin, Beef Burger, Starred Egg, Whiskey & Bacon Jelly, Cheddar Cheese with Country Potatoes).
  • “LA BOURDAIN” BURGER (Beef Burger, American Cheese, Bacon, Caramelized Onion, Gherkins, Fresh Tomato + Iceberg Lettuce. Mustard, Secret Sauce. With the option of Gajo, Country or French Fries Potatoes).

Mexican Classics:
  • Cecina de Yecapixtla, Enmoladas, Arrachera or our must-see Carnitas Tacos!
For fans of chilaquiles:
  • Afro Mexican Chilaquiles
  • Our Brunch Cocktails bar includes a variety of mimosas with fresh juices of orange, pineapple, grapefruit and strawberry!
"The" Recovery-Cocktail:
  • WHAT'S UP DOC? Carrot Juice, Gin Bombay Sapphire, Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne Pepper & Agave Honey.

Our Brunch is a la carte - no buffet - this allows us to maintain the quality of the products you already know and expect from House and you only pay for what you consume.
Designed for those who appreciate the difference between a Brunch and a buffet and perfect for breakfast with the whole family!

Bring Firulais too, since we are a Pet Friendly Restaurant.!


¡Un Lugar Para Comer Delicioso!

Enjoy a delicious menu of Mexican and Mediterranean Food in a beautiful fresco garden dedicated to comforting all our guests with exceptional cuisine and dishes that combine tradition, modernity and flavor. How we like to eat here in Cuernavaca!

House puts at the time of the meal an unexpected touch of Mexican-Modern Style, taking it to an experience of Californian Bistro with Mexican seasoning. We are a restaurant with super cute garden, to eat delicious, enjoy a glass of wine and disconnect.
Our recommendations if you are craving Mexican or Mediterranean food:
For entraditas:
  • BABY BABY BABIES with Goat Cheese. Cascabel Chili Sauce.
  • CALABAZA AND PORK BELLY FLOWER QUESADILLA with Quesillo De Oaxaca and Apple Sauce and Cholula.
  • HUMMUS with Peppers And Cherries Tomatoes In Paprika Oil, Chickpeas Aromatized With Turmeric, Feta Cheese, Wide Chili Land, Fresh Cilantro And Pita Bread.
Taco Bar:
  • Rib-Eye Steak Tacos, Shrimp Tacos in Beer Batter with Red Cabbage Relish, Dip De Mayo & Syracha or Vegetarian Tacos with Beans & Epazote , Baked Mushrooms with Chilli Oil, Fresh Cheese, Serrano Chili and Onion In Tortilla Blue Corn

Ceviche Bar:
  • SHRIMP CEVICHE WITH PINEAPPLE, MANGO AND AVOCADO (150G) Shrimp and sea bass marinated in lemon and chipotle juice. With cucumber, and jicama, and tortilla chips.
  • ACAPULCO CEVICHE: Octopus, shrimp and sea bass marinated in lemon. Witch Sauce, Orange Juice and Soft Drink, Cátsup and Pico de Gallo. Fried toast
  • CARPACCIO DE RÓBALO: Marinated in Orange and Lemon. Black olive sauce, onion, cucumber, jalapeño, coriander and ginger. Olive Oil, Parmesan And Avocado Tatemado.

For Mains:
  • BLACK MOLE With Chicken Breast, Caramelized Male Banana And White Rice. Accompanied With Handmade Blue Corn Tortillas.

  • GLASSED PIG RIBS WITH PLUMB AND POMEGRANATE: Caramelized Onions, Quelites Salad & Celery Bulb Puree And Vanilla Pod.
  • PIG LOIN IN TOMATILLO & VERDOLAGA SAUCE: With Black Beans and White Rice With Rajas De Chile Poblano & Elote Fresco.
  • GRILLED FISH WITH MANGO AND PAPAYA SALAD: On Bed of Jasmine Rice & Tomato Broth, Coriander, Pineapple & Habanero.
  • GRILLED SHRIMP WITH SANDÍA & FETA SALAD: Garlic Marinated And Olive Oil. On Watermelon Cubes. Finished With Feta and Mint Cheese
  • POMODORO PASTE: Tomato, Garlic, Basil, Olive Oil, Parmigiano-Reggiano & Butter.
  • THREE CHEESE PASTA WITH ROASTED SHRIMP: Penne Pasta With Fresh Mozzarella, Goat Cheese And Ragianno Parmesan With Pomodoro Sauce. Roasted shrimp in garlic and olive oil and finished with tree ...
  • SONOMA: Mix of European Lettuce, Green Apple, Caramelized Nuts, Red Fruit Oil Dressing and Rosemary Crouton with Warm Goat Cheese.
  • ARUGULA SALAD, HAM SERRANO & PECORINO: With Lemon Vinaigrette And Thyme. Rustic Bread Roasted In Olive Oil And Fresh Garlic.
  • CAPRESE: Tomato, Basil And Fresh Mozzarella, Reduction Of Balsamic Vinegar & Honey + Fresh Melon And Basil Oil. Accompanied with garlic croutons.
  • LENTEJA & PORK BELLY Stewed in Beef Broth with Fried Belly Pork Chunks. Finished With Roasted Wholemeal Breads And Gouda Cheese.
  • Tomato Cream Tomatoes Tatemados, Boiled And Roasted. With Chicken and Butter Broth Base. Scented with rosemary and accompanied by roasted croutons with pesto.
Do not miss from Monday to Friday our Food Special that changes every day and includes: entrance, main and dessert. We could describe it as an executive menu with gourmet twist but it is basically a menu to eat delicious without spending too much!

Mediterranean Monday
Tuesday of Taco Tuesday
Mediterranean Wednesday
Fish Thursday
Friday of Mexican Homemade Dishes.

The menus are posted every morning on our social networks so be sure to follow us to find out what Chef Karina Rodríguez is preparing every day!

House Restaurant, Gastronomy & Mexican Cuisine -Mediterranean with beautiful patio and fresh garden to eat delicious!


Una Pequeña Cena Encantadora!

Enjoy an incredible evening at the Most Romantic Spot in Cuernavaca with Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine, luxury cocktails, magical atmosphere and warm service.

Whether you are looking for a spot to go for a glass of wine with friends and have one of those evenings that you never forget or you want a nice place to eat delicious dinner, a look at our romantic atmosphere and delicious menu and you will be convinced that we are "The" option for you!
House is known in Cuernavaca for its varied and current mixology. Start the night with one of our fresh and incomparable cocktails; We recommend the Dirty Martini, Margarita House with Tequila Pattern or the popular Cucumber Refresher.
Our menu recommendations:
  • HUMMUS Peppers And Tomatoes Cherries In Paprika Oil, Chickpeas Aromatized With Turmeric, Feta Cheese, Wide Chili Land, Fresh Cilantro And Pita Bread.
  • PA AMB TOMÀQUET (3) Roasted Rustic Bread, Olive Oil, Tomato, Aged Manchego Cheese + Serrano Ham

Pizza + Pasta + Wine = Love
To Eat Delicious Pizzas!
Our pizzas are a success with customers. Secreting is the dough that allows us to create a super thin crust & crunchy and only use fresh mozzarella. Try the classic margarita or discover new flavors such as our popular JAMÓN SERRANO Pizza, PIÑA FRESCAY JALAPEÑO with Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce and Rosemary.

  • RICE AFGANI: Chicken Breast Marinated in Yogurt, Lemon, Paprika and Cardamom on Basmati Rice with Blonde Raisins, Carrots and Cinnamon + Rustic Sauce.
  • ROSEMARY CHICKEN: Slow Roasted Chicken With White Wine, Butter, Herbs And Rustic Vegetables. Accompanied with Sweet Potato Puree

  • PORK BELLY IN LAVANDA HONEY: Glazed Honey Lavender And Clear Beer. With Fresh Purslane, Radish And Carrot Salad With Lemon And Olive Oil.
  • PRIME NEW YORK STEAK: With option of Sides: Mashed Potato. Baked Potato, Roasted Asparagus or Roasted Vegetables.
  • RÓBALO MALIBU: Glazed With Tomato Butter And Spinach. On Bed of Arugula, Avocado And Orange segments.
To accompany your Czech food our national and imported wine list. We particularly recommend you check out the amazing options of Valle de Guadalupe.

To quench your craving for dessert! Close the night with one of our mouth-watering desserts:
  • The best flan of Cuernavaca, Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream Hagen dasz or our personal favorites that are Amelia and Demetria.

Perfect for a romantic date! House restaurant is the best restaurant in downtown Cuernavaca to celebrate your birthday! With good food and the best 'pre copeo' environment. A restaurant for delicious dining. Whether with the couple, friends or family House is the best choice of restaurants for dinner in the historic center of Cuernavaca!


Nosh, Sip, Chill...

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Cuernavaca is synonymous with living next to the pool. Do we need to say more? Let's whet your appetite! Check out our Restaurant Menu for the Pool!
The HOUSE restaurant in Cuernavaca, Morelos is a wonderful little oasis that has it all: a lovely patio, a refreshing and innovative menu. Perfectly prepared cocktails and impeccable and warm service. An excellent choice for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner at the best restaurant in Cuernavaca!

Rated as one of the best places and restaurants to eat in the center of Cuernavaca Morelos.

  • House Restaurante  es  un pequeño oasis en el centro de Cuernavaca  ideal para celebrar tu  Cumpleaños!  !  En Las Casas B+B Boutique Hotel, Spa  & Restaurante, Cuernavaca.