10 de Mayo | Dia De Las Madres! Qué Regalar a Mamá? Regalos para Mamá: Canasta de Desayuno, Comida y Cena Para Llevar a Domicilio y Celebrarla en Casa!

As Mother's Day approaches, discover the amazing gift packages for Mom that HOUSE Restaurant has created especially for Mom! Gift ideas to give Mama this May 10 so that you and your family can celebrate her traveling around the world with the palate. Detailed, beautiful and delicious picnic baskets to make you feel special.

Regalos Para Consentir a Mamá en el Dia de las Madres!

¡¡Vive La Breakfast!! 🇫🇷

This May 10, if you are looking for what to give Mom, why not travel the world with her through the palate?
For example you can start by celebrating her on her special day by sending her a beautiful and delicious French Mother's Day breakfast basket from HOUSE Restaurant, mais bien sûr!

Of the three gifts for Mom that HOUSE has created this year, this basket includes all of her classic French breakfast favorites for Mom to enjoy and you can celebrate in the comfort of your own home! Café Au Lait, freshly baked baguettes with fresh farm butter and homemade fruit jams, Fromage, French toast, Croque Madames, champagne mimosas, freshly cut flowers and much more.


+ Picnic Basket
  • Chouquettes
  • Bowl of fruit
  • Provençal Kit: Includes Baguette, Cheese, Jam and Butter.
  • Parisian Omellette
  • Croque madame
  • Cocotte eggs
  • Le French Breakfast Burger
  • Dessert for Mom
  • Perrier 750ml Water Bottle.
  • 4 Cafes Au Lait
  • 4 fresh orange juices
  • Sparkling bottle in Courtesy
  • Fresh flowers
Price: $ 2,500 MXN + VAT

Congratulations Mom!

NEXT STOP: The beaches of Mexico for lunch! Stay Tuned!

¡Vamos a la Playa! 🇲🇽

This May 10 if you are looking for a way to celebrate Mom, why not break the gift cliches for Mom and this year travel the world with her through the palate?
Celebrate her on her special day by sending her a beautiful and delicious basket of HOUSE Restaurant's Mother's Day Picnic On The Beach.

This basket will transport you to Playa Paraíso México. . Sun, sand and sea!

Includes all your favorite Mexican beach vacation dishes for mom to enjoy and you can celebrate in the comfort of your own home! Fried whiting, Shrimp tacos, Baja fish tacos, strips of sea bass, Acapulco ceviche toast with octopus, shrimp and witch sauce, shrimp ceviche with pineapple, mango and avocado. Guacamole and "tocho morocho" sauces. Special dessert for mom, fresh flowers, 2 six-pack beer gift for Mom and guests, clamatos and much more. There is no doubt that "In the sea, life is tastier"


+ Picnic Basket
  • Fish tacos
  • Shrimp tacos
  • Ceviche Acapulco
  • Shrimp, mango and pineapple ceviche
  • Band-Aids (2)
  • Whiting (2)
  • Guacamole and chips (2)
  • Sauces
  • Dessert For Mom
  • Family dessert (3)
  • Mineral Stone Water
  • Clamatos (4)
  • 2 Six of Beer in Courtesy
  • Bottle of "Chaparritas" (4)
  • Fresh flowers

Price: $ 3,000 MXN + VAT

Congratulations Mom!

NEXT STOP: Dinner in Rome! Stay Tuned!

Mamma Mia!! 🇮🇹

Do you dream of ordering a big pasta dish in Rome for yourself and mom? This May 10 if you are looking for gifts for Mom, why not travel to one of the most romantic cities in the world with Mom through the palate?

Celebrate mom on her special day by sending her a "Bellissima" and a "delicious" basket of Italian Dinner for Mother's Day from HOUSE Restaurant as a May 10 gift. Perfetta per la donna piu bella !!

Includes all her Italian dinner favorites for mom to enjoy and you can celebrate in the comfort of your own home! Crispy Italian Baguette, Mezquet de Tomaquet, Pesto and Olive Tapenade, Insalata antipasto, Margarita and Mediterranean pizza, 4 varieties of pasta, for “Il dolce” Panna cotta de chioccolate, freshly cut flowers, complimentary wine and much more!
Satisfy mom's appetite for traveling with this beautiful, detailed basket that clearly says, "Mamma sei la migliore!"


+ Picnic Basket
  • Mediterranean Mezze: Includes Hummus, olive tapenade tomato and pesto.
  • Rustic Baguette
  • Antipasto Salad (Serves 4)
  • Margarita pizza
  • Mediterranean Pizza
  • Bolognese Pasta
  • Pasta Pesto with Chicken
  • 3 Cheese Pasta with Shrimp
  • Penne Rigatte Pasta with Bacon
  • Dessert For Mamma
  • Family Dessert (3)
  • 2 Acqua Panna 505ml Bottles.
  • 2 Bottles of Wine in Courtesy
  • Fresh flowers

Price: $ 4,000 MXN + VAT

Congratulations Mom!

HOUSE Restaurant in Cuernavaca, The only place you need to give Mom a delicious Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at home this May 10!

While we can celebrate Mom every day in our own way, Mother's Day is a great time to call Mom, buy her a card, send her flowers, and of course take her out to eat. However, this year, due to the contingency, we offer you gift ideas with a breakfast, lunch or dinner at home.

This May 10, surprise her with a basket of French Breakfast, Mexican Food or Italian Dinner from a place that stands out for its originality, haute cuisine and flavor, helping you to create at home a beautiful environment and unique environment to celebrate mom. At HOUSE Restaurante we have been inspired and have designed these beautiful and delicious baskets with a specialized menu to take home and for mom to enjoy in her garden or terrace. Decorated with great taste and love for you and your family to share, celebrate and surprise Mom on her day.

If you still have no gift for Mom, here are 3 experiences that your Mom will love on this May 10:

If you plan to invite your mom to breakfast to celebrate her, we are the ideal place to order food at home and so, Apapacharla and surprise her with our special mothers day breakfast- French, with complimentary mimosas, of course and delicious dishes on our menu special to take home that will fascinate you!
IF she is one of those who prefers to go out to eat and love typical Mexican food in a casual atmosphere, we recommend our food basket "Beach Picnic" For a lunch al fresco and to enjoy together a special menu to take home and an afternoon of clamatos, ceviches and (of course) a delicious long and relaxed talk. "In the sea I love you much more. . . "
Now if your mom prefers romantic atmospheres, our "Dinner in Rome" basket would be the best option: imagine her, have dinner at home enjoying her favorite pasta, surrounded by her favorite people, toasting, of course, with her favorite wine!

We love that we set aside a whole day around the world to honor and celebrate the women who raised us, and we sincerely hope that all moms feel loved and celebrated this Mother's Day.

Celebrate mom and give her the day she deserves! HOUSE Restaurant: Definitely and without a doubt, the perfect restaurant where you can order a breakfast, lunch or dinner at home. The perfect gift to celebrate mom this mothers day in Cuernavaca!

This May 10 "The place" to order the perfect Mother's Day gift to celebrate Mom is HOUSE Restaurant in Cuernavaca.