¡5 Platillos de House Restaurante en Cuernavaca Que Comprueban Que el Brunch es la Mejor Comida de la Semana!

Waking up calmly for the weekend and jumping into Brunchear is one of the best plans out there!

It is not breakfast, it is not food ... it is the best combination of both. It is worth eating French Bread, Carnitas Tacos, Eggs Benedictines, Smoothie Bowl, Chilaquiles and of course Mimosas!
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Here we present 5 dishes that you can enjoy on Sundays at the HOUSE Brunch and that prove that:
"Brunch is the best meal of the week!"

1. French Toast

Although it is true that sometimes we like dessert as breakfast, when we ask for French Bread as our main dish, we seek a little more balance. Unlike hotcakes and waffles , French bread is slower to absorb maple or preserves, so it appeals to those with a palate that doesn't favor sweetness over salty. The secret to achieving perfection in this Brunch classic is that "bread matters" and here at House we bake our own Brioche Bread to later bathe it in milk, fresh egg and brown it in butter and dress it with strawberries, bananas, and warm maple syrup and leave you dreaming of its heavenly taste. House French Bread is a dish that we would gladly order at Breakfast or Brunch or almost any time on any day of the week!

2. Chilaquiles Afro mexicanos

Chilaquiles have evolved from being a simple home breakfast solution to using tortillas last night to something that is almost on par with the sophistication that Benedictine Eggs evoke. House's Afromexes are super plentiful and the fried omelette topped with a smoked tomato sauce and morita chile is truly amazing.
Dressed with crashed eggs, avocado , onion, cream, fresh cheese and complement of Moors & Christians and caramelized male banana. Believe us when we tell you that these chilaquiles are reason enough to come to Brunchear a House!

3. Breakfast Burger

After a good night's partying, some crave eggs and other burgers, so why not have both? At our breakfast burguer you will find a juicy and delicious hamburger sandwiched between 2 slices of roasted English Muffin with crispy bacon, melted cheddar cheese, and Crowned with a perfect fried egg and whiskey jelly. Rich and full of flavor. To accompany, crispy Country Potatoes that will surely make you feel sad while you enjoy the last bite of the last potato left on your plate.

4. Smoothie Bowl

The quintessential Brunch Millennial dish! It's healthy, instagrammable, and it's served in an ah, ummm, a bowl!

We love Smoothie in the morning, but sometimes we want to start the day with something that feels a little more substantial and requires, you know, eating. Welcome the Smoothie bowl! a breakfast trend that we totally agree with, as (1) it allows you to pack a crazy amount of nutrients in a bowl, and (2) it makes you feel like you're eating ice cream for breakfast. It really is a heavenly, healthy Bowl and it doesn't leave you super full! And the best part of the thicker consistency of the smoothie bowl? It is that the chef can perfectly cover it with abundant Blackberries, Blueberries, Bananas, Coco & Granola , without sinking, for that perfect Instagram.

5. Benedictinos

You can't order a more classic dish than "Benny" eggs. Here our chef opted to go back to the original and use rustic roasted loaf of bread instead of the predictable English Muffin. The bread is covered with turkey ham, poached eggs and finished with a creamy hollandaise sauce "chipotle" contour slice potatoes with paprika. It couldn't sound better! If you are a person who likes poached eggs, this delicious combination is the ideal option for you.