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“Zocale, is said to be the action of eating, seeing, hearing, smelling and savoring the Zócalo. This aphorism makes me emotional, it tastes like nostalgia. "

When I was a little girl, my dad walked me from Teopanzolco to the Zócalo, from time to time made me squeaky and managed to carry me on his shoulders; When we finally arrived, we would stop at the Kiosk's soda fountain and buy my glass of coconut eskimo, we would sit on a stool and listen to the magpies sing, scamper the pigeons and explode bubbles while my dad ate his beans and gizzards; sometimes I was lucky and he said to me "take your school shoes" that meant that I was going to sit in Señor Bolero's chair, that smell of grease and paint that I always liked, my dad gave me a newspaper and I played read it while the patent leather was shining.
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Now Zocalling for me is eating everything that is sold there!
In addition to enjoying the picturesque image: the Government Palace, the trees, the children playing with their balloons, the mariachis and the sweet couples, looking at each other as I look at the esquites, since they have always been my favorite dish, they remind me of me. Mom when I cooked them for me, the steam they give off along with the aroma of corn, grated Cotija cheese, mayonnaise and chili that does not itch make my skin stand on end. Another must-see is the churros filled with cajeta, chocolate or milk, the scrapings of the cart full of syrups of all colors and flavors, my favorite, El Diablito, well, one grows and after a couple of minutes I no longer do it. Enjoy as much as before, because of the gastritis.

I love my city, my Cuernavaca, my Zócalo, I love my people and the warmth with which they always welcome us, this is how we guayabos are, this is how we are at House.

- Ana Karina Rodríguez
Executive Chef, Casa Restaurant

House Restaurant is a contemporary, modern and relaxed space that serves delicious Mexican, Italian and Mediterranean food.

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