Shaking Cocktails that shake the emotions! We love to introduce Cristhian Bustos: Mixologist and head of the Barra de House Restaurante in Cuernavaca

Cris is passionate about creating a well-balanced cocktail, a passion he shares with his talented team and shines with every cocktail that hits our guests' table.
Cris joined the HOUSE family as a waiter as he was also starting college to earn a Bachelor of Fitness and Recreation.

It was here that Cris honed his host skills, creating and managing beautiful dining experiences for our dinners, reading clients, and meeting their needs and expectations. Later, Cristhian joins the bar team where he had the opportunity to learn first-hand from guest mixologists from some of the best bars in Mexico , including Fifty Mills and Limantour , to name a few.

Now a Bachelor of Fitness and Recreation and a self-confessed gym-rat , Cristhian is often asked if having steel biceps and triceps is a prerequisite for working at our bar; " It is not ", he says ironically, " but I suppose it helps with all the shakeo we have to do "; what is necessary, he adds, “ is an excellent sense of rhythm that you must inject into your cocktail and a tuned ear to really listen to your steel shaker and know when the drink is just perfect and ready to serve.
Cris's Top 3 :
1. Good vibes: Always inject a positive environment.
2. Cleanliness as it shows power, organization and care.
3. Respect: For yourself, your coworkers, the recipes, the guests, the time of the guests and the time that the guests spent earning the money they spend here with us.

Come and try their creations and you will see that we are not exaggerating when we say: "we have the best cocktails in the center of Cuernavaca”

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