¡Celebra el Fin de Año en HOUSE Restaurante Cuernavaca! Este 31 De Diciembre Disfruta Con Tu Pareja Familia y Amigos Una Deliciosa Cena de Año Nuevo. Happy New Year!

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Cena Espectacular Creada por Chef Ana Karina Rodríguez en un Lindísimo & Mágico Ambiente.

Celebra con tu Pareja, Familia y Amigos con una Exquisita Cena de Fin de Año Dentro de un Entorno Moderno-Rústico, Familiar y Acogedor, con Ambiente Casual Inspirado en California.

Savor a Succulent and Exceptional 4-Course Pairing Menu Created by Chef Ana Karina Rodríguez (or, if you prefer, choose from our A la carte Dinner Menu.) Let's Shout "Happy New Year!" While you Admire the Fireworks Show of the Historic Center From the Comfort of your Table enjoying a Glass of Champagne and the Impeccable and Warm Service that you already know from HOUSE.
Courtesy: Welcome Sparkling Wine Glass, 12 Traditional Grapes, Bengal Lights & New Year's Kit.
Menu: Chef Ana Karina Rodríguez.
Mixology & Food Pairing: Cristhian Bustos.
Score: DJ Danni Mass.

Reserve your table today at 777.318.3782

Still wondering where to spend New Year's Eve in Cuernavaca? For this New Years Eve dinner, if you are looking for a family party with the most exquisite food that this city has to offer to celebrate the night of December 31st, look no further!

We will serve a tasty 4-course New Year Menu that includes:

1. Tortitas de cangrejo con chile habanero.

2. Raviol relleno de requesón mexicano y cebolla caramelizada.

3. Lechón con puré de manzanas mixtas nixtamalizadas, puré de papas y champiñones shiitake.

4. Y de postre, budín de pan de canela con ron añejo y pasas de uva.

House Restaurant inside the Las Casas B + B hotel in the center of Cuernavaca is a popular place and celebrated for its beautiful, rustic and modern California-inspired atmosphere, warm and impeccable service and its delicious Mediterranean, Italian and Mexican menu created by the talented chef Ana Karina Rodriguez. Only 1 hour from Mexico City.

Make this night of December 31st a night to remember and welcome it to 2020 with season through a delicious and decadent multi-course menu tailored for this occasion, as well as the effervescent mixology of Christian Bustos.

Relax & party under the stars, surrounded by hundreds of candles. You and your guests will feel as if they are sitting in the front row as they are served by the renowned warm and punctual service of our staff.

There's no need to go to the club after dinner, as we'll keep the party going with our favorite DJ scoring the night.

After dinner, enjoy the traditional downtown fireworks display without having to leave the comfort of your table as you and your guests raise the glass with a champagne toast at midnight to welcome 2020 wonderfully with joy and good luck. Happy New Year!

Our New Years dinner this December is a popular night here at the HOUSE restaurant, so booking in advance is recommended .

7 Mexican Traditions For New Years!

1.- Twelve grapes: at midnight, Mexicans celebrate the year eating twelve grapes, one per month.
a) To bring good fortune,
b) To ask for 12 wishes, one for each grape
c) To predict how the new year will treat you depending on whether the grapes are sweet or sour, 12 chimes, 12 grapes, 12 months, (If the seventh is sour, the month of July will not be so good for you).

Here at HOUSE we always start this 5 minutes before midnight because frankly eating 12 grapes in just 12 seconds is in Chinese.
2.- Color underwear:
Wear red underwear and someone special will come into your life along with the new year. Yellow for money and prosperity; and Green to attract wellness and health. Bonus points if you put your underwear on backwards!
3.- Empty suitcase:
Is one of your New Year's resolutions traveling more? We Mexicans have a different trick from the rest of the world to guarantee that this objective becomes reality. Before midnight on New Years Eve, grab your empty suitcase for a walk around the block and this will bring you a year filled with new adventures in exciting and far-flung places. The more you move the suitcase, the more you will travel.
4.- New clothes:
Do you expect significant changes from the month of January? Just wear new clothes on the big night!

5.- Sweep the house and take a shower!
This is conducive to renewal, leaving behind the year that ended and what was, opening space so that all the exciting things that the new year brings can enter our lives without any problem.
6.- Throw water out the window.
This is for good luck; If you do, throw little because it is blessed!

7.- Kiss at midnight:
Celebrate the New Year with the classic "kiss at midnight" bodes well for a year without loneliness.

Christmas and New Year dinner! Welcome 2020 with a Champagne Toast and an Elegant Dinner in the Historic Center of Cuernavaca.

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