Este 24 & 25 de Diciembre Disfruta La Cena de Navidad Con Familia y Amigos en House Restaurante Cuernavaca Con Nuestro Clásico Menú Especial Navideño!

This Christmas time share the love with family and friends during the Christmas Eve lunch or dinner here at House Restaurant!
This December 24 and 25, our traditional Christmas menu returns with the highly anticipated classic Christmas dishes in Mexico and 2 new, incredibly delicious and precious Cocktails!
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"At this Christmas time we look for flavors and aromas that remind us of home", says our chef Ana Karina Rodríguez who expertly directs our kitchen and explains her inspiration for this menu "this menu has a touch of nostalgia and is full of familiar flavors that we comfort and transport us to the warmth of our childhood and perhaps a romanticized time as best ”
Our classic Christmas menu includes: romeritos in black mole, Leg in ancho chili marinade and pasilla accompanied by chambray potatoes, tejocote compote and our unmissable apple salad.

For dessert, fritters with a shot of chocolate Champurrado. “Donuts are one of those dishes that bring the family together,” says chef Rodríguez, “That you share from hand to hand, that makes you laugh out loud, that make living together a pleasant experience. This year, for Christmas, we close dinner with our fritters, with its bubbly and crisp texture, with a touch of syrup and sugar that is always welcome to sweeten us up for the night ”.
Available, as an extra complement to this special menu, traditional Christmas pasta: spaghetti in tomato sauce, Mexican cream and cinnamon cheese slabs from Veracruz. Beware: It is addictive!

Christmas, Posadas, Christmas Dinner, New Years Dinner & Three Kings Day Are Here !!!

For his part, Mixologist Cristhian Bustos presents us with two new options to enter the Christmas spirit:

# 1 Merry Martini: The perfect Martini to say "Cheers! this Christmas ”Gin Bombay, raspberry, strawberry, lavender, blueberry, lemon, egg white & Angostura bitters. It will have you singing Jingle Bells, the fish in the river & the super quick sabanero burrito. Merry Christmas indeed!
# 2 White Christmas: “The intention”, says Cris, “It was to integrate the American punch with our very Mexican punch of Christmas posadas creating a snowflake aesthetic; I think it was spectacular. But the last word will be said by our clients. ” Tejocote, cinnamon and piloncillo syrup, milk, vanilla essence, egg whites, yellow lemon, cinnamon and Jack Daniels Whiskey. Thirsty anyone?

Come Enjoy This Fiesta Decembrina With Us! A Glass of Wine, Christmas Flavored Cocktails and Our Classic Traditional Christmas Menu!

For Christmas dinner we will be open on the night of the 24th as well as on the 25th of December. Don't miss this delicious menu and Christmas cocktails created especially for you and your family!

The December season is best lived sharing with Family and Friends!

There is no better place in Cuernavaca to celebrate Guadalupe Reyes than in House Restaurant. Share the Love and Merry Christmas!

* Special menu does not include drinks.