Come Celebrate This September 15 & 16 In The Historic Center Of Cuernavaca And Enjoy Our Most Mexican Menu Of The Year. Long live Mexico!

How many times have I heard this phrase and now, I can pronounce it literally and metaphorically, my mouth is watering just imagining each dish . This time, for our celebration of September 15, we cooked well inspired by this saying ... From Chile, Mole and Pozole! So , as they say , there will be variety! And it is difficult to agree on these dates, we all fancy everything and then later we left with the typical mess, what do we do? Pozole? With toast or golden tacos? Better, Chile en Nogada! Weathered or not weathered? Hot, cold or at room temperature? No ... I know! Mass! Green or red? It is a dilemma and after hours and hours of discussion, the better, the 3, what not !?
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And well, I had saved some recipes that I was already going to boast, as always with the touch of House and with the essence of each of my cooks, so I wandered through all the areas and asked each one, how they or their moms this or that dish, and so it emerged ...

The Chile in Nogada inspired by the recipe of Héctor and Víctor's mother , in how José and Iván prepare it or as Gisselle and Mónica once tried it, and why not, also as Tita did in the book "Como Agua Para Chocolate ", with great care and delicacy. And if you ask me the way to do it as Paquita Lobo did it with Tita, I will answer them in the same way: "The secret is to do them with a lot of love", and boy did we all put the spoon in this recipe! "

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The Mole of Quelites I rescued from an old recipe book from southern Veracruz , of course, I added my harvest, I added a few leaves and extra seeds and to weigh, some good handmade male tortillas. I made the Red Pozole like my mother, with guajillo chili, lots of avocado, onion and oregano. To accompany, the chicharroncito, the lettuce and the radishes. To thicken and enhance the flavor of the broth, a good tamalito of brains (recipe from my friend Mou's mother).
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All my life I have believed that food tastes of our thoughts and moods, I believe in the power that is transmitted to food when they are prepared and when they are ingested, so this time, just like every day, we inject all the passion and devotion to each dish so that they can savor this waste of love. Now yes, we will be "like a nugget on a hot griddle" so that the day arrives, fantasizing about the great pairing that our Mixologist Cristhian Bustos achieved and as the saying goes "so that wine tastes like wine, you have to drink it with a friend ! ” and the best place to share it is clearly… HOUSE!
Ana Karina Rodríguez
Executive chef
House Restaurant | Las Casas B + B Hotel

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