Menú Familiar | Family Style Con Servicio a Domicilio Para 4 Personas por $780. Para la Hora de la Comida. Sirve a tu Familia Algo Diferente y Delicioso.

Nobody likes to eat the same thing every day, the typical tacos, pizza or hamburger. But, how to eat something that is different, rich, filling, close, fast delivery and budget? Don't worry, we have your answers here!

New Family Food Menus to Enjoy at Home | Family Style Meal Service For 4 People for $ 780!

Our NEW Family Home Delivery menu comes with two hearty and delicious menu options: Mediterranean 🇬🇷 and Mexican 🇲🇽! The 4-person family meal menu consists of appetizer, entree, and dessert for just $ 780, and now with FREE home delivery and shipping. What's not to love?

Our family-style menus with home-cooked food are available seven days a week (except holidays), so you and your family have the whole week to try both before next Monday, when chef Karina Rodríguez presents 2 totally NEW menus Mexican and Mediterranean for you to enjoy with your whole family! Available from noon and also available in individual presentation.
For lunchtime today, serve your family something different, healthy and delicious. Without complications!
Remember that we have home delivery and FREE shipping and if you order in the "to go" mode you receive a 20% Discount!
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Our Family Menu / Family Style Menu changes on Mondays each week featuring two new delicious menu options, one Mediterranean and one Mexican. And they are the perfect choice for a family birthday meal at home! Menus are also posted on our social networks; Find out in our Fabebook and Instagram !

📞Ordena Ahora: 777.318.7777 ó 777.318.3782

The Special of The Day at HOUSE Restaurant is a family friendly healthy food menu with a gourmet twist that we serve all week, from noon with 2 delicious options: Mediterranean food menu and Mexican food menu.

The 5 “Must” of our Family Home Food Menu / Family Style, for lunch:

1. Something That Is Different.- The Special of the Day at HOUSE is inspired by Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine, is available all week and offers you delicious and different proposals that your whole family likes and excites her for breaking with the mundane .

Our new Family Style / Family Style menu for lunchtime is posted every Monday on our social media. Give us follow so that you receive the Special every week and you can plan your weekly menu with these delicious options in mind.
2. Something Rich.- Our Family Menu | Family Style for lunch is designed by our chef Ana Karina Rodríguez and her incredible kitchen team whose passion is cooking; They always cook with love and you and your family can taste it in every bite of our family style food special. If you are a fan of good Mexican, Italian and Mediterranean food we are the option for you! Take advantage and enjoy something delicious with the whole family!
3. Make It Filler. - Well-made 3-course meal, starter, main course and dessert. Your family will not go hungry!
5. Enter the Budget.- Without spending much, for only $ 780 your family will be happy eating something different, healthy and delicious! (and you will be happy without worrying about having to shop at the supermarket, cooking or cleaning!) Remember that you can call us at 777.318.7777, Order "Takeaway" and receive a 20% Discount!

To eat rich & different during this quarantine without overspending and keep the whole family happy our Family Menu | Family Style is "The Perfect Choice".

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📞Ordena Ahora: 777.318.7777 ó 777.318.3782