What to do in Cuernavaca

Que Hacer En Cuernavaca? Las Casas B+B Hotel Céntrico en Cuernavaca! Frente al Palacio de Cortes. A Poca Distancia de Xochicalco & Tepoztlán!

Just one hour from Mexico City is the capital's spoiled destination: Cuernavaca. Known as the City of Eternal Spring, it is the perfect place to spend the perfect weekend with your partner.

And located in the heart of the city, Las Casas B + B Boutique Hotel, is a central hotel in Cuernavaca which makes it the perfect option to stay and explore the main attractions of the city on foot.

Cuerna (as we locals call it) is the second city with the most swimming pools in the world (behind only Los Angeles, California), so the ideal plan could be to spend the day swimming in one of them. However, its appeal goes further. It is also a site full of history, water parks, pre-Hispanic temples, museums, restaurants, spas and much more!

Find here, in our definitive guide on what to do in Cuernavaca, all the tips and recommendations you need so that you take advantage and enjoy your view with us to the fullest!
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"If you only visit a museum in Cuernavaca, let this be it!" exclaims the expat blog, Viva Cuernavaca!

The Robert Brady Museum is on Nezahualcóyotl street behind the Cathedral and occupies the building known as the Casa de la Torre, formerly part of the Cathedral. In 1960, it was purchased by the American oil artist and billionaire Robert Brady, who made it his home. Brady lived in Cuernavaca for 24 years after a spell in Venice where he met his best friend Peggy Guggenheim. Its collections range from Papua New Guinea and India to Haiti and South America.  

The Brady Museum contains the original "Self Portrait in Monkey" painted by Frida Kahlo. Other works are by artists such as Diego Rivera, Miguel Cobarruvias, Pelegrín Clavé, María Izquierdo and Rufino Tamayo, as well as Brady's own paintings. The collection occupies fourteen rooms in the old house, which has been largely preserved as it was when Brady died in 1986.

Casas B + B is a proud sponsor of the Robert Brady Museum and the sponsorship comes with certain privileges that we are pleased to pass on to you! If you are interested in a guided tour, we can try to organize it, no problem, just let us know!

You can walk to the Robert Brady Museum, a great option if you are looking for what to do in Cuernavaca, from the Las Casas B + B hotel, since we are located just a block and a half away. B + B "La" option if you are looking for the best central hotel in Cuernavaca.
The Cuernavaca home / studio of Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros. Now it is the nucleus of a new museum and cultural production center.

It has a permanent exhibition of Siqueiros murals, as well as a program of temporary exhibitions, guided tours and workshops. It is the headquarters of the International Residency Program and the School of Art Criticism.

La Tallera is just a 10-minute drive from Las Casas B + B Boutique Hotel and is another great option if you are organizing what to do in Cuernavava.
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A 5-minute walk or 2-minute drive from Las Casas B + B Boutique Hotel, the Juan Soriano Cultural Center and Museum located in Cuernavaca was created to house the work of maestro Soriano, one of the most influential Spanish-American artists of the 20th century and It also serves as a platform for creatives from Morelos and the rest of the country.

The architectural project, led by the architect Javier Sánchez Corral, is the result of the participation of the Government of Morelos, the Juan Soriano and Marek Keller AC Foundation, the National Council for Culture and the Arts and the Banorte Financial Group. The Juan Soriano Museum should not be missing from your list of what to do in Cuernavaca. B + B "La" option if you are looking for the best central hotel in Cuernavaca.
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Gardens of mexico. The world's largest flower garden is just a 30-minute drive from Hotel Las Casas B + B.

37 hectares of contemplation-themed floral gardens with a multitude of natural themes including impressive Japanese and Italian-style garden facilities, including the labyrinth of the senses and its imposing range of flowers,
We are literally in front of this beauty; cross the street from Las Casas B + B, the central Hotel in Cuernavaca and you will be in the Palacio de Cortes, the oldest preserved civil structure from the colonial era in the continental Americas; Almost 500 years! This building began as a fortified residence for Hernán Cortés. Now it is a museum (Museo Regional Cuauhnahuac) and you can find here, among many historical pieces, the incredible mural of the famous Mexican painter Diego Rivera .: History of Morelos, Conquest and Revolution, And the imposing sculpture of José María Morelos y Pavón "El Morelotes ".

It opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and admission costs $ 60 pesos.
Established in 1525 by the first 12 Franciscan friars who arrived in Mexico. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city. Initially built for the evangelization efforts of indigenous peoples after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. In the 18th century, the monastery church began to function as the city's parish church and, in the late 19th century, was elevated to the rank of cathedral. A renovation project in 1957 unveiled a mural that covers 400 square meters of the interior walls and tells the story of Felipe de Jesús and twenty-three other missionaries who were crucified in Japan. You cannot miss the recently opened (2018) Museum of Sacred Art, focused on religious and viceregal art.

You can reach this beautiful cathedral by walking, as it is only two blocks from Hotel Las Casas B + B.
Chosen by the Emperors of Mexico Maximiliano de Habsburgo and his wife Charlotte as their summer residence in 1865. Here, the emperors offered spectacular gala receptions for the wealthy in Mexico.
It has abundant vegetation, fountains and a lake that you can visit on a boat ride. It also features plays, concerts, and other cultural activities.

The entry cost is $ 30 pesos.
The Borda Gardens are just 2 blocks from Las Casas B + B Boutique Hotel.
In 1941, Calderón opened Las Estacas to tourists as a spa day and rural ranch. The nature reserve has been a protected area since 1998. We recommend taking a day trip.

Las Estacas is a 45-minute drive from Las Casas B + B Hotel.
Cuernavaca has beautiful golf courses where you can practice your swing, but the most recommended by our own clients is Tabachines. Just dial "0" and our reception staff can connect you to the golf course of your choice.

Tabachines Golf Club is a 10-minute drive from Las Casas B + B Hotel.
Teopanzolco is a Nahuatl word, which means "The place of the ancient Temple". The original inhabitants of Cuernavaca were the Tlahuicas, a subgroup of the Nahuatl culture. These beautiful pyramids stand out in the middle of the city and are now framed by the acclaimed Teopanzolco Cultural Center.

The Teopanzolco pyramids are just a 10-minute drive from Las Casas B + B Hotel.
The ancient city of Xochicalco (La Casas de Las Flores) is an impressive archaeological zone located just 30 minutes from Hotel Las Casas B + B. The site was inhabited approximately between 200 and 900 AD. Highlights of the excavated city include an excellent museum, the Acropolis, the ball court, the Temple of the Feathered Serpent (known as the Pyramid of the Serpents) and the Observatory.
According to myth, the Magical Town of Tepoztlán was the birthplace, more than 1,200 years ago, of Quetzalcóatl - the feathered serpent god - widely worshiped in ancient Mexico. The city is a popular tourist destination famous for its pyramidal temple built on the Tepozteco hill, its craft market, Temazcales, and alleged UFO sightings.

Tepoztlán is the hippie little sister from Cuernavaca and is just a 30-minute drive from Hotel Las Casas B + B.
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Raft México is the leading Adventure Tourism company in Morelos; They offer unique and unforgettable experiences through activities in contact with nature, such as rafting, kayaking, hiking, climbing, abseiling, caving & canyoning.
The Palmira Chapel in Cuernavaca (Mexico) is one of the most famous works of the architect Félix Candela. "Cuate de los cascarones" Built in 1959.

Admire her in person just 10 minutes from the B + B Hotel!
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The first Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park outside the United States is here in Morelos, Oaxtepec, to be exact. Six Flags is the closest water park to CDMX. Hurricane Bay, Twister and the new King Cobra are just a few of the slides and rides you'll find here. Just 50 minutes from Las Casas B + B.
We recommend that you plan to spend the day there and then come back for a nap and join us later at our House restaurant for a cozy and relaxing dinner

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm

"Las Casas B+B is the ideal base for exploring historic Cuernavaca." The Hotel Guru