Delicioso Menú de Cena por Chef Ana K. Rodriguez. Disfruta de Inolvidable Cena Romántica en uno de los Mejores y Más Bonitos Restaurantes en Cuernavaca

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Una Pequeña Cena Encantadora!

Enjoy an incredible evening at the Most Romantic Spot in Cuernavaca with Mediterranean and Mexican gastronomy, luxury cocktails, a magical atmosphere and warm service.

Whether you are looking for a spot to go for a glass of wine with friends and have one of those evenings that are never forgotten or you want a nice place to dine deliciously, a look at our romantic atmosphere and delicious menu and you will be convinced that we are “The” perfect option for you!
HOUSE is known in Cuernavaca for its varied and current mixology. Start the night with one of our fresh and incomparable cocktails; We recommend the Dirty Martini, Margarita HOUSE with Patron tequila or the popular Cucumber Refresher.

El Ambiente más Romantico Para Cenas en Cuernavaca!

Our menu recommendations:
- HUMMUS Peppers and Tomatoes Cherries in Paprika Oil, Chickpeas Flavored with Turmeric, Feta Cheese, Tierra de Chile Ancho, Fresh Cilantro and Pita Bread.
- PA AMB TOMÀQUET (3) Roasted Rustic Bread, Olive Oil, Tomato, Aged Manchego Cheese + Serrano Ham

Pizza + Pasta + Wine = Love
To Eat Delicious Pizzas!
Our pizzas are a hit with customers secreting is the dough that allows us to create a super slim crunch & crunchy and just use fresh mozzarella. Try the classic margarita or discover new flavors such as our popular SERRANO HAM Pizza, FRESH PINEAPPLE and JALAPEÑO with Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce and Rosemary.

- AFGANI RICE: Chicken Breast Marinated In Yogurt, Lemon, Paprika and Cardamom On Basmati Rice With Blonde Raisins, Carrots And Cinnamon + Rustic Sauce.
- ROSEMARY CHICKEN: Slow Roasted Chicken With White Wine, Butter, Herbs And Rustic Vegetables. Accompanied by Sweet Potato Puree

- PORK BELLY IN LAVENDER HONEY: Glazed in Lavender Honey and Clear Beer. With Fresh Purslane, Radish And Carrot Salad With Lemon And Olive Oil.
- PRIME NEW YORK STEAK: With Sides option: Mashed Potato. Baked Potato, Roasted Asparagus or Roasted Vegetables.
- MALIBU STEAL: Glazed With Tomato Butter And Spinach. On Arugula Bed, Avocado And Orange Slices.

To accompany your Czech dinner, our national and imported wine list. We particularly recommend you check out the amazing options of Valle de Guadalupe.

To satisfy your craving for dessert! Close the night with one of our mouth-watering desserts:
The best flan in Cuernavaca, Chocolate cake with Hagen dasz vanilla ice cream or our personal favorites that are Amelia and Demetria.

Perfect for a romantic date! HOUSE restaurant is the best restaurant in Cuernavaca downtown to celebrate your birthday! With good food and the best 'pre-cup' atmosphere. A delicious restaurant for dinner. Whether with your partner, friends or family HOUSE is the best dining option in the historic center of Cuernavaca!
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