Rosca De Reyes, Galette des Rois este 5 & 6 de Enero.
Una invitación a Reunirse, Celebrar y Partir la Rosca.
Llegaron Los Reyes Magos a HOUSE Cuernavaca!

The galette des rois, which celebrates the Epiphany, the day that the Three Kings (les rois) visited the baby Jesus, is baked throughout January in France and is a delight that you simply have to try at least once in your life. ! Composed of two puff pastry circles that sandwich a filling of frangipane and caramelized apples; Each one comes with a crown and always has a doll inside. If you have a doll, you get the crown and the right to be king or queen for the day! (much easier than making tamales for candlelight day!)

Sunday, January 5 Sunday Brunch
Monday, January 06 at Breakfast.

  • Slice: $ 56
  • Whole Galette: $ 466

Happy king's day! HOUSE Cuernavaca Restaurant.