Siddartha el Cantante y Ex-Baterista de Zoé se Presenta en el Centro Cultural Teopanzolco a 5 min de Las Casas B+B Boutique Hotel en Cuernavaca.

Jorge Siddhartha Gonzalez Ibarra (Guadalajara, Jalisco), Mexico artistically known as Siddhartha, is an indie rock solo musician. He participated as drummer for the Mexican rock group Zoé; Later he began his career as a soloist in which he composed, wrote and produced all his songs.

He has recorded five albums: the first titled Why You? (2008 ) followed by his second production Náufrago (2011 ), then his third production, El volar del pez ( 2014 ), his fourth album Únicos ( 2016 ) and his latest work Memoria Futuro ( 2019 ).

Do not miss Siddartha this Friday, November 8 at the Teopanzolco Cultural Center, just 5 minutes from Las Casas B + B Boutique Hotel, Spa & Restaurant in Cuernavaca.